Risk Management approach systematically implemented

Our methodology involves the review of risks and opportunities at the strategic, operational and organizational levels and the assessment of weaknesses likely to prevent the company from achieving targeted goals. We manage all risks which may affect activities, processes and corporate assets. We propose solutions setting acceptable risk limits manageable in a coordinated way.

A talent pool uniting 250 experts around Executive Partners Group

All our Senior Advisors include corporate finance considerations into their work

Recommendations we issue always reflect financial constraints which may be faced.

Missions carried out in teams of pairs.

Our services may be provided in France or other countries.

Notre mode opératoire

A team of two experts bringing complementary skill sets and wide-ranging experience warranting flawless execution, short-term deliverables and sustainable results.

Operating Method | Executive Partners Group

We work jointly with your teams which will be involved at all stages of our assignment.
Our recommended action plans will be fully aligned with your company’s goals.

  • Global picture and challenges to be addressed
  • Mission framework
  • Situation assessment
  • Recommendations

Setting goals
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Design of relevant solutions and strategies
  • Key performance indicators

Action plan
  • Execution and monitoring
  • Milestones
  • Progress reports
  • Identification of problems and improvement opportunities

Operational report
  • Evaluation
  • Hand-over period
  • Report issuance with transfer of skills and knowledge
  • Coaching for new job position

Post-assignment follow-up
  • Follow-up 6 months from assignment completion
  • Sharing of experience
  • Recommendation letter